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FiberLux NANO Laser Engraver

The FiberLux Nano allows to engrave objects of any metal (gold, silver, steel, etc.), for logos, brands, photo-engraving, texts, graphic designs and, using the high precision rotary axis system, the inside and the outside of rings with a maximum marking area of 160×160 mm and with resolutions up to 20 μm.

Equipped with user-friendly but complete software, the Fiberlux Nano offers all the functions necessary for the operator to work in a completely professional environment.

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  • Brand : Elettrolaser
  • Model or style no. : FiberLux Nano • Country of origin: Italy

Includes Technical Support and Remote Installation & Training


  • Pulsed fiber laser
  • Wide working space
  • Double red pointer for positioning objects
  • High performance LED
  • R-axis for marking rings and bracelets
  • Z-axis with stepped motor controlled by software
  • Easy I/O access
  • 2 Year Warranty


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