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FiberLux Pro Laser Engraver

The machine is small, with a readily accessible working chamber thanks to the hatch that opens on 3 sides. The FiberLUX family of lasers now offers a power range from 20 W to 100 W, to cover all your production needs.

Equipped with a motor-driven Z-axis with a movement resolution of 0.01 mm, and an innovative, user-friendly focus system with overlapping pointers, it can also be equipped with an internal videocam inside the laser chamber, for optimization of processing and possible remote assistance. FiberLUX is supplied complete with software capable of importing files from the most well-known computer-design programs currently in existence (svg, dxf, bmp, plt, jpg, dwg, etc.), and is also equipped with specific cutting software Made by ElettroLaser.

Every machine can be equipped with a range of options such as: high precision rotating axis system, electro-pneumatic plate driver, exhaust fan, clamp for blocking pieces, movable in the X and Y axes, and a system of pneumatic hatch opening. Using our Master series lasers for welding in Nd:YAG with wavelength of 1064nm, it is possible to perform microwelds of unrivaled quality and precision. Precision, speed, minimum heat increase, maximum esthetic quality of the weld and high mechanical resistance are the particular features of laser welds made with our machines.

Alpacca, Monel, Titanium, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper-Beryllium, Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel, as well as aluminum alloys and many other metals are welded perfectly with our machines. ElettroLaser markings are characterized by a fiber source that ensures a long working life (approximately 50,000 hours!).
At high power, the FiberLUX series can also be used for single and automated cutting. Equipped with cutting software entirely developed by ElettroLaser, today FiberLUX is synonymous with quality and the best expression of technology MADE IN ITALY.

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Includes Technical Support and Remote Installation & Training


  • Pulsed laser source in fiber
  • D.S.P. Technology
  • Red double pointer for positioning
  • Z-axis with ‘stepper motor’ controlled by software
  • USB interface for connection
  • Cooling via forced air
  • Small size
  • Ready for the ‘Trademark’
  • High frequency scanner head, 1 Mhz
  • Software for cutting ‘Made by ElettroLaser’
  • 2 Year Warranty
FiberLux Pro – 20 $35,995.00
FiberLux Pro – 30 $42,995.00
FiberLux Pro – 50 $63,995.00
FiberLux Pro – 70 $64,995.00
FiberLux Pro – 100 $72,995.00


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