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Tiger3D APEX 4K – XHD Plus

  • Brand: Tiger3D
  • Build Plate Area: 150 x 84.5 x 120 mm (5.9 x 3.3 x 4.7 in)
  • XY Resolution: 39 μm
  • Z Resolution: 5 μm to 200 μm
  • Wavelength: 385/405 nm
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High Precision 4K 3D Printers for Jewelry

Tiger3D APEX K Series is the newest edition to our family of The Most Advanced High Definition DLP Printers. Packed with features like an all-new Windows-based interface and Automatic Cleaning System, built-in Wifi, and 20% faster printing speeds, Tiger3D APEX K Series is a quick line to your business™ production!


Increased Efficiency

Tiger3D APEX 4K – XHD PLUS now print 20% faster than its predecessor with a 33% larger build area , automatic cleaning feature to Keep your Tiger’s resin tank clear of hardened resin and other debris.

Superior Technology

Powered by an all-new Windows interface, the world’s most popular operating system. This machine features built-in Wi-Fi for remote operation and monitoring. Unlike other systems, Tiger3D Printers allow the operator to run all 405um resins thanks to its open-source system.

Protective Layering System

Provides smoother surfaces, more precise printing, fewer supports, and faster growing times.

Heated Resin Tank

Heats up your resin of choice for superior layer adhesion, curing, and resin compatibility.


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