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Indutherm Continuous Casting Machines – CC / VCC 3000

  • Brand: Indutherm
  • Model: CC 400 / VCC 400
  • Power: 15 kW 3x400V / 3x208V
  • Max Temp: 1500°C
  • Crucible Volume: 285ccm = 4.2kg Au 18ct or optional 400ccm = 6.0kg Au 18ct
  • Country of Origin: Germany


More flexibility, Lower Costs

Indutherm continuous casting machines help you reduce production costs. With only one machine, you can produce your own alloys or semi-finished products in different shapes and sizes in the shortest time, for example:

  • Wires or bars in every diameter you need, up to ø 40mm (CC 3000).
  • Sheets and strips, e.g. ring production, for stamping and pressing.
  • Tubes, perfect as basic material for cutting in sections for wedding ring production.
  • Granulates.

As the desired molds and alloys can be produced within minutes, you can reduce your investment in the material in storage. Your processes will get faster, more flexible, and more efficient.

Key Advantages

  • Short change-over times for various casting sizes.
  • Additional accessories are available.
  • E.g. diffusion bonding set (“sintering”) and granulation tank.
  • Induction generators with low-frequency tuning for thorough mixing of the metal.
  • Automated inert gas.
  • High metal quality, minimal porosity.

Optional Quattro Drive:

The CC versions 1000 and 3000 are optionally available with “QUATTRO DRIVE”. That’s the name of the new drawing unit with four motor-driven feed rolls instead of only two, which transport the material such as wire, sheet, or tube down from the melting chamber. Thanks to the smooth transport with reduced pressure, the sheeting, and tubes produced by this way show nearly no marks of transportation. The need for intense post-processing such as polishing is dramatically reduced.

All continuous casting machines also available as VCC-versions with vacuum function (pat. pend.) With the VCC-versions, melting can take place under vacuum or inert gas. This is ideal for alloys containing copper such as red gold or silver since these materials tend to oxidize easily. Degasification under vacuum results in substantially improved results – because of the absence of oxidization.

*Note: These items are heavy, and require a freight truck to be delivered. A customer service representative will contact you about your order.

CC 400 / VCC 400

CC 1000 / VCC 1000

CC 3000 / VCC 3000

Maximum Temperature 1500º C 1500º C 1500º C
Power Max. / Electrical Connection 15 kW 3x400V / 3x208V 25 kW 3x400V 30 kW 3x400V
Crucible Volume 285ccm = 4.2kg Au 18ct
Optional 400 ccm = 6.0 kg Au 18 ct
1500ccm = 22kg Au 18ct 3400ccm = 51kg Au 18ct
Wire Production Up To ø15mm ø30 mm ø40 mm
Tube Production Up To ø30 mm ø40 mm ø50 mm
Sheet Production Up To 50mm x 8mm
Optional 60mm x 8mm
100mm x 10mm 130mm x 12mm
16 Programs For Melting & Die Temp.,
Drawing Lengths, Stop time, Reverse Draw
Standard Standard Standard
Inert Gas Overpressure VCC400 only VCC1000 only VCC3000 only
Vacuum VCC400 only VCC1000 only VCC3000 only
Neutral Inert Gas Atmosphere Standard Standard Standard
RS 232, Diagnostic System Standard Standard Standard
Data Printer Standard Standard Standard
GSM Modem For Remote Service Optional Optional Optional


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