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Vac-U-Vest #15 Investing Machine

  • Power:   220V Single-Phase 60Hz
  • Model:   Vacu-Vest # 15
  • Investment Capacity:   15kg (33-lbs) Dry Powder
  • Pouring Valve:  One Pouring Valve
  • Inner Chamber Diameter:   15.5″  (39.5cm)
  • Max Perforated Flask Capacity w/ Ring:  6ea  4″ x 10″  with Flange
  • Maximum Flask Height:   10.25″ (26cm)
  • Machine Dimensions:   28″ x 31″ x 61″ (69cm x 77cm x 154cm)  LxWxH
  • Suggested Vacuum Pump:   15 CFM Up To 28 CFM
  • Shipping Weight:  510 lbs  (231kg)
  • Country of origin:   United Kingdom
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High-quality, English vacuum mixing and investing machines will greatly improve the consistency and quality of your mix.

The unique mixer blade design unfolds the investment slurry under vacuum as it mixes. Since the unit is mixing under vacuum, air entrapment is reduced to virtually zero. Both upper and lower stainless steel chambers are vacuum sealed. The stainless steel turntable below is used to position each flask beneath the pouring valves before releasing the investment. Since the mixing and pouring of the silica powder are done inside the chamber, the exposure to dust is minimal to the operator, as well as providing a cleaner work environment.

*Vacuum pump not included.


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