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Yasui Altima Smart Wax Production System

  • Brand:  Yasui
  • Model:  Altima
  • Power:  230V / Single-Phase (Transformer required for 110V)
  • Power Consumption:  0.48KVA (max)
  • Compressed Air Supply:  0.40 – 0.70 Mpa
  • Temp Display & Temp Set Range:  40-100 degrees C (104-212 degrees F)
  • Vacuum Time Set Range:   0-99.9 sec.
  • Injection Time Set Range:  0.600 sec.
  • Wax Capacity:   Approx 3.5kg
  • Max Rubber Mold Size Standard Clamp:  80(W) x 100(D) x50(H)mm
  • Max Rubber Mold Size Large Clamp:  125(W) x 150(D) x80(H)mm
  • Machine Dimensions:  582(W) x 473(D) x 517(H)mm
  • Machine Approx Net Weight:  33.5kg (w/ small clamp) (w/ large clamp)
  • Country of origin:  Japan


Meet the future! The Yasui ALTIMA is the first and only Smart Wax Production System.


  • Smart Wax Production System: The Yasui ALTIMA provides a drastic improvement to previous wax injection production capabilities. Thanks to its specially designed operating system, storing, recalling, and sharing the best parameters for thousands of rubber molds is one simple touch away.
  • WaxNet™ (Optional Feature): Efficiently share and store thousands of rubber molds, amongst workstations, using the WaxNet Database. This cloud-based data repository is controlled, in-house, and safely managed and shared by designated members of your team. In addition to sharing files amongst workstations, WaxNet gives you the ability to monitor production and productivity levels.
  • Elastic E-Clamp: ALTIMA’s precise 3D clamping unit never misses alignment, giving you smooth, consistent molds every time. Thanks to automatic height control, (patent pending), the ALTIMA nozzle perfectly meets the rubber mold, providing the most accurate and consistent result. The adjustable clamping pressure point ensures the appropriate amount of pressure is applied, preventing wax leakage during the injection.
  • Perfect Wax: ALTIMA’s precise injection eliminates misfiling and flashes while reducing shrinkage. Improved wax injection speed and accurate wax flow control ensure high repeatability, which is essential to maintain a constant wax weight and top-quality results.


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