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New Yasui VCC Platinum Casting Machine

  • Brand:  Yasui
  • Model:  VCC
  • Power:  AC200V, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase, 6.5kVA
  • Temp. Control Range:  900°C ~ 2100°C
  • Flask Size:  DIA. 76mm / 80mm
  • Maximum Length: 100mm
  • Platinum Casting Machine:  (400g Maximum)
  • Features:  Double Swing Broken Arm
  • Dimensions:  1020mm x 790mm x 1180mm
  • Weight:  350kg


The best and most reliable Platinum Casting Machine produced today!

The Yasui VCC features the exclusive “Double Swing Arm” patented technology to ensure zero turbulence, complete filling, and dense castings every time! An accurate temperature is achieved by the dual spectrum optical thermal control system guaranteeing consistent and casting temperatures ±2°C. The unit features a completely vacuumed casting chamber that removes all unwanted gases and backfills with inert argon gas. The acceleration rate and the RPM of the casting arm can be programmed independently and can reach top RPM speed in less than one-third of a second. The cooling system has a built-in water circulation system with a temperature controller to protect the heating coil in case of power failure.


  • Full auto mode, semi-auto mode, and manual mode are available.
  • Stepless control of rotational speed and initial spin-up.
  • High-performance servo-motor is built in.
  • A double swing arm (pat.) is adopted.
  • Control by digital touch panel.

Manual Mode:

  • The operator can determine casting timing freely in the case of manual mode.
  • Different from the conventional machine, various settings can be performed on the touch panel.
  • Further, the initial spin-up speed of rotation has been improved.

Automatic Mode:

  • In automatic mode, automatic gas and vacuum wash cycles can be used during the melting process.
  • Different from the conventional machine, the semi-auto mode is available, and also the full-auto mode can operate automatically to the finish of the casting (rotation).


  • Setting change that was not possible by the conventional machine is now possible on the touch panel.
  • Even better quality castings can be achieved.


  • The alarm indicators are displayed separately from the error indicators.

Stepless control of rotation speed and initial spin-up speed – new type high-performance servo-motor:

  • Initial spin-up time required to achieve final rotation speed can be set freely (the fastest initial spin-up speed is 500RPM by 0.1sec.
  • The initial spin-up speed of this machine is 500RPM by 0.1sec. (The previous model VCC was 500RPM by 0.2sec.) By this, the machine can process more metals.
  • Descending time of the coil is greatly shortened to 40msec. (The previous model VCC was 200msec.) Increased production is possible.

Thermal Control with High Accuracy

  • Thermal control with high accuracy is possible by the optical thermal controller.
  • In addition to heating control by the temperature controller, the machine is newly equipped with the heat power control dial, so the upper limit output can be adjusted.

Double Swing Arm

By the originally developed Yasui “Double Swing Arm” (Japan Patent No. 3178748), the molten metal can be poured into the mold straight without a loss. Improvement of filling efficiency, metal density, and substantial reduction of metal loss has been realized.

*Vacuum pump not included.

Oscillation Power 5kW
Oscillation Frequency Approx. 100kHz
Temp. Control Range 900~2100°C
Temp. Control Method PID Control
Melting Capacity 400G Pt
Flask Size DIA. 76mm / 80mm Max. length 100mm
Max Acceleration 500 RPM – 0.1 sec
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1020mm x 790mm x 1180mm
Net Weight Approx. 350kG
Power Supply AC200V, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase, 6.5kVA


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